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August 10, 2004
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Laika's Mech by Usagisama Laika's Mech by Usagisama
EDIT: SUPER HIGH RES version here ---> [link]

For the love of god, FULL VIEW! :P

Here is a concept image for my short comic I am planning. I finally came up with a mech suit for the lead character to pilot. In fact, this is the latest incarnation of an old character "Robo Chick"... the female figure featured in one of my first wallpapers called "Mech Pilot". [link]

I am really happy with the mech, I think the shoulder gun looks really cool... I just like the overall look of it. Kind of like the machines in the game Oni. The background took me the longest... like many many hours over two days. But it was well worth it... I think it turned out really well. I gridded out the roads, and drew in every light, from windows to street lights, to car tail lights. I had lost my patience by the time I got to the foreground... which is why there are no busted up enemy tanks. In fact, the foreground is IMO the weakest part of the image.

Still... I think this is my best image I put on DA yet.

Done in Photoshop CS over several days in MANY hours with a 12x12 WACOM graphics tablet.
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stupuff Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Reminds me of a Hollander
Usagisama Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
Oh yeah, it really does :D Good call mi amigo :)
Massulle Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2011
Its a very impressive design, im trying to get started on drawing mechs and such and this has all the right details not too bulky but not to slender sleek but battle ready type. very good
heres a llama
supercrackpot Featured By Owner May 25, 2010
Do you mind if I write some specs for this? Or have you already done that?
Usagisama Featured By Owner May 29, 2010
Go right ahead friend! :D
supercrackpot Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
Here's the specs I came up with:

A-12 God’s Hammer Heavy Mech

Dimensions: 97 tonnes, 30m tall, 14m wide, 9m thick.
Armor: 1m of Drychtnath Alloy, 2m around the legs, cockpit, and critical systems, Titan Shield Generator
Skeleton: R-12 Goliath Alloy
Engine: 400 Lightspeed Engine
Sensors: M-9 Flux Sensor Suite, ASS (Achilles Sniper System), HCCS (Hellstorm Combat Computer Suite)
Weapons: 1x God’s Hammer 18-inch Kinetic Artillery Cannon/Lascannon, 1x Hammertime Mech SMG with 4,000 slugs
Other Systems: Cockpit Ejection System, Environmental Sealing, Deep-Space Environmental System, Multi-Purpose Extra Cockpit, 2x Retractable Mechanic Arms, Portable Mech Repair System

General History
The Artillery Model 12 God’s Hammer Heavy Mech is a walking cannon. It was designed for one purpose; to infallibly smash the everlasting crap out of any target in one shot. It also serves as a decent commander’s Mech, with its extra-strength sensors and computer suite. There is no real history as yet, since this Mech is the first of its kind.

Notable Features
Obviously, the God’s Hammer cannon is the dominating feature of the Mech. It was designed for extended engagements and flexible firing choices, so the cannon has two firing modes, both with multiple sub-modes.
In its kinetic firing mode, the cannon has 200 slugs in an integral magazine. These slugs are specially designed and manufactured specifically for the cannon, and are made out of an alloy that has the ability to possess far more kinetic energy than one might think. When these slugs are fired, they pass through an experimental Mass Effect generator. This generator has the ability to charge the slugs with potential energy that will be released on impact as kinetic energy. The kinetic function has three modes, AP, mixed, and HE.
AP charges the slugs with tightly confined energy, resulting in a slug that has no blast radius, but sends shockwaves through whatever it hits. Against Mechs and other hard targets, this is devastating, resulting in tremors that literally shake the target apart. As an added bonus, the AP slug can be fired directly into the ground (or water) creating a miniature earth(or water)quake of several dozen meters in diameter.
Mixed mode creates energies that are less tightly confined than the AP mode, resulting in a slug that creates a blast radius of about 40m.
HE creates energies that are barely confined at all, resulting in a shell with a blast radius of 80m.
In all cases, the kinetic cannon has a range of about 300km, and is fully capable of indirect fire.
As an extra bonus, because the explosions are pure kinetic energy, the blast itself is completely silent, save for the rush of displaced air and the sounds of twisting and crumpling targets.
The lascannon function is a secondary firing mode with a range of about 20 km, intended for use after all the slugs have run out. It is just as powerful as the kinetic function, but is more dangerous; you can’t fire it too much or it will overheat and shut down for 2 minutes as it cools off. It can be used in cannon, assault rifle, or shotgun mode, and all of these functions are exactly what they sound like.
The main fault of the cannon is its fragility. Though the outer casing and the barrel itself are resistant to damage, the stress of packing in so much power and flexibility has left the inner workings complex and comparatively fragile. Too many hits on the gun itself will eventually cause a dangerous breach of both the Mass Effect and laser capacitors, resulting in a huge explosion. A built-in automatic repair system has been added to address this fault, but just in case, extremely robust explosive bolts have been added to hurl the gun away from the Mech if this happens.
The cannon can be folded and locked onto the back to keep it out of the way.
The SMG is quite simple; a laser/kinetic slug compound similar to the main cannon, but much more robust and without the mass effect generator. It can fire in 1 or 4-shot bursts, or full auto.
Though the Titan Shield Generator covers the whole Mech, its main purpose is to provide additional protection to the main gun; thus, the emitters closest to the gun are the strongest and toughest.
The Lightspeed series of engines are normally reserved for much lighter Mechs. However, tests showed that the God’s Hammer was slower than an arthritic turtle, so a much more powerful engine was installed than originally planned to counter this tendency. Although the Mech is still slower than average, it now has decent reflexes, allowing it to be very effective in hand-to-hand combat.
FP-Monabo Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2009
this is AWESOME X3 :+fav:
Usagisama Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009
Thank you!! :D I'm glad you liked it :)
FP-Monabo Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2009
np >w<
Chickeny-Evil Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Er...Evangalion Test 01 much?
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